Sleep on planet earth

Illumination is not the only factor that determines the cycle of sleep and wakefulness for all living things.


Electromagnetic sunrises and sunsets

Electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 7 to 32 Hz always exist between the Earth and the ionosphere.

During the day, the amplitude of electromagnetic waves is 10 times higher than at night.

For billions of years, nature has taught all living creatures to feel such waves to adjust daily biorhythms

Scientific research

The wisdom of nature in one device

EcoSleep generates electromagnetic field pulses at frequencies from 1 to 40 Hz with an intensity of less than 20 μT. This mode is similar in its characteristics to natural electromagnetic waves of natural origin, contributing to healthy sleep of all living things.

Scientific research
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Electromagnetic imitation of dawn and dusk

Impulses in the range of 1–20 Hz stimulate deep sleep, and in the range of 20–40 Hz they make sleep superficial, make the awakening more comfortable and able to cause vivid and lucid dreams. Therefore, we have created more than 10 programs that combine different frequencies to solve various problems associated with the normalization of sleep.


REM sleep

Deep sleep







варианты программ

Sleep at home

Use your device at home to improve your sleep.

Rest and meditation

EcoSleep is a great helper during your rest, wherever you are, and certain programs of the device will help you to focus during meditation

Sleep during your journey

Take your device with you wherever you go, it will always make your sleep more comfortable, and long batery life will save you from charging problems.

Sleep during travel

EcoSleep - an indispensable tool for long flights or journeys in transport and when changing the time zone


Device features

Reduces latency
Increases the depth and duration of delta sleep
Simplifies morning awakening
Optimizes overall sleep time and quality
Reduces the disturbing background of dreams, relieves nightmares
Reduces the number of night awakenings

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