More than one -thirds of adults in major cities have sleep problems. The main problems: light and electromagnetic pollution, anthropogenic environment, social jet lag, psychosomatic disorders and others.

Problems we are solving,
with patented technology and
the EcoSleep device:


Difficult to fall asleep

Stress, exhaustion or hormonal failure do not allow brain activity to decrease.


Lethargy in the morning

Insufficient sleep time or waking up not in time.


Frequent awakening throug the night

Difficult to fall asleep in superficial sleep or after in-the-night awakening.


Daytime fatigue

Low quality sleep decreases our day time efficiency and health.



Different forms of insomnia and sleep disorders.


Jet Lag

Frequent flying breaks circadian rhythm of our body and decrease metabolism.

Fall asleep quickly


Experiencing difficulties falling asleep? To fall asleep, you need more than 30 minutes? If a person is not able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or more for several days a week - it's insomnia. Common causes of problem with falling asleep are stress and strain accumulated during the workday, as well as the inability of the brain to relax in the right time.


Any EcoSleep night program begins with the segment, stimulating user to fall asleep. This is achieved with smooth decrease in the frequency of the impact of electromagnetic field of 1-2 Hertz. "Slip" effect is created by which EcoSleep starts to drive brain activity, helping to the person go from the first stage of the slow sleep to the second and fall asleep most naturally.

How to have a good and quick sleep


Nowadays time is the most valuable resource. Very often people are willing to sacrifice sleep for day activity to accomplish more tasks. But in reality if you had a good night of sleep you can be more productive during the day. The average person needs 8 hours of sleep per night. The quality of sleep is determined by its depth and continuity. If you have poor sleep and you wake up frequently – it is not healthy. After the night of bad sleep it is difficult and sometimes impossible to feel energized in the morning and stay active during the day. Common causes of bad sleep are urban environment, noisiness, excessive light, stress, social jetlag.


Deep sleep is characterized by slow-wave brain frequencies of 0.1 to 4 Hertz. In EcoSleep has a program which helps people to maximize sleep with these frequencies, making your sleep deeper and longer.

Enjoy your dreams


Often cheerfulness when you wake up depends on your memories of the last night dreams. After the night with vivid dreams we easily wake up in the morning with high level of energy for the day. Based on poll results when people are unable to recall their dreams experience drowsiness and low energy in the morning. Nightmares can spoil our mood for the whole day and wake us up at night disturbing the sleep.


Using EcoSleep you can achieved different emotional background of your dreams. EcoSleep programs at frequencies from 1 to 8 Hertz make dreams least emotional and less memorable. If you you experience alertness during your sleep, the use of programs with low frequency of the magnetic field will help by reducing the number of nightmares, and may be even completely eliminate dreams recollection in the morning. EcoSleep programs at frequencies from 8 to 30 Hertz and up paint dreams with mainly positive emotions. Stories of dreams flow one to another, creating a sense of continuous sleep until morning.

Comfortable awakening


Not too many people can say that they are energetic in the morning. Most people sense drowsiness and low energy levels, so they have to set an alarm on snooze mode to wake up. Usually you can feel cheerfulness only at certain points during your sleep: when fast sleep phase (paradoxical sleep) is ending, and the next phase of slow sleep is not yet began. But not always alarm goes off at the right time, so often we have to wake not at the right time.


In contrast to "smart alarm clocks" that try to track sleep phases and choose the right time to wake you up. Almost always this time is a bit earlier than you need to get up. Since EcoSleep controls your sleep phases, it can wake you up at the right time, so you can feel cheerful and well rested. This effect is achieved by the gradual increase in the frequency of the magnetic field to 40гц. If you use our mobile application (AppStore or Google play), you will be able to set time when EcoSleep program will generate the maximum frequency to help you wake up in a state of active waking.

Lucid dreams


Dreams in which a person is able to understand that he/she sleeps and at the same time to take control of the storyline are called lucid dreams. Everyone is capable of it, but it is hard to have lucid dreams without special training. In spite of the growing popularity, lucid dreams among mindful people, currently there is no way of guaranteed stimulation of these experiences.


EcoSleep is unable to guarantee the experience of lucid dreams, but it can increase your chances of occurrence of this experience. Scientific studies have shown that invasive stimulation of frontal lobes of brain with weak electrical current (frequency of 40hz) can increase the probability of lucid dreams. EcoSleep has specially selected combination of scenarios of the magnetic field with frequency of 40hz with sections of low-frequency that can cause conditions when person is almost awake, helping people to have lucid dream, and in some cases, it can coincide with the fast sleep phase, further increasing the probability of bright and lucid dreams.

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