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Inspired by nature


On the verge of harmony and technology

how does it work?

In the big cities we are deprived of interaction with natural rhythms

Animals do not have problems with sleep

Mother nature regulates the sleep of all living creatures

Dusks and dawns help us with the sleep

The quality of sleep depends on the proximity to the natural rhythms

Geomagnetic fields help us feel the natural rhythms in places without natural light

Modern technologies, simulating natural rhythms are coming to help

Simulation of natural Geomagnetic fields can impact the quality of sleep


Inspired by nature we created EcoSleep cube

Gadget, that helps with normalization of sleep

Cube that generates electromagnetic impulses and operated by gestures

Programs for sleep and dreams

More than ten programs, adjustable for your individual sleeping requirements

Personal sleep coach

iOS / Android application with web-based interface, which will teach you how to sleep healthy

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With care about your sleep





How to have a good and quick sleep

Sleep for 6 hours and wake up in a good mood, EcoSleep will optimize your sleep

To have bright dreams

Manage the emotionality of your dreams with numerous programs

Fall asleep in style

No more artificial sleep enhancers, EcoSleep will help you to fall esleep quickly and comfortably

Wake up comfortably

Create yourself a good mood in the morning, because now it is so simple and natural. Set the time you need to wake up, the device will adapt to your schedule

Enjoy your sleep

With EcoSleep cube your sleep will be healthy, enjoyable and interesting

Lucid dream

Relive dreams in which you can have fun, understand that you are sleeping and even learn

With care about your sleep

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Science and innovations guarding your sleep

Scientists, technologists and engineers joint efforts to create EcoSleep - high quality device for sleep and dream normalization. Leading specialists in the field of sleep in collaboration with academic institutions and research centers are participating in this project.

our research

The team of like-minded people, who love nature and healthy sleep

We are up to the challenges, facing humanity: people build the wall between themselves and nature that surrounds us. Now healthy sleep is threatened by man-made factors and we are ready to search for compromises between fast growing technologies and natural harmony.

team EcoSleep

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